Read what other business owners are saying about Debits and Credits and Carol’s services.

Carol is Very Conscientious

I have had the pleasure of working with Debits and Credits for a period of nearly 2 years, and with their predecessor for an even longer period. Although I was satisfied with the previous management, there are no words to describe the wonderful services I have received from the company recently. In particular, Carol has been very conscientious, knowledgeable and helpful in all aspects of my payroll and tax accounting. Her degree of knowledge and ethic professionalism is not often encountered in an organization as small as this. As an enrolled agent, I am in a position to judge a large number of accountants and tax preparers and I count Carol as among the very best in the business. In my former profession as an ophthalmologist, I appreciated the honesty and integrity with which she prepared my payroll and employer tax returns and the very reasonable fees she charges. This sort of value allows small businesses to keep accounting expenses under control while having confidence that the accuracy of work will pass any scrutiny. I heartily recommend Debits and Credits to any small business that requires the very best in write up, payroll and tax preparation at a very affordable price.

Robert L. Mushen
Eye Physician and Surgeon

Tremendous Trust and Confidence

For the last 15 years, I have relied on the very competent services provided by Debits & Credits to help me run the day-to-day operations of my businesses. I have tremendous trust and confidence in Carol and her abilities. I would not consider going anywhere else but Debits & Credits.

Amber Hanchette
Aircraft Corporation and Zero Gravity Builders Studio

Business Run More Smoothly

I highly recommend Debits and Credits to anyone looking to make their business run more smoothly. We have a family farm and have used Carol for the past 15 year's. She is extremely knowledgeable, reliable and very informative. As we all know, running a business can become daunting at times with all the paper work flowing in. It is such a relief to have Carol handle the bulk of it. That way I know it is done correctly!

Jill Rottinghaus
Rottinghaus Farms